Tribulus Terrestris

TRIBULUS - Tribulus Terrestris - The best Super Strength Natural Testosterone Booster - Build Raw Muscle and Increase strength and performance levels. Tribulus 6250 is THE STRONGEST Tribulus - if you want the most amazing super strength natural testosterone enhancer then this widely researched natural product is the supplement that you have been looking for. In its 6250mg 95% Saponins formulation this is THE BEST version of this product that you can buy. The product is now widely used by Strength Athletes, Bodybuilders ,Weight Lifters, Rugby Players etc. By activating the body’s natural testosterone producing mechanism, Tribulus use results in increased muscular strength without causing unwanted estrogenic effects such as fat gain. Power athletes, track & field athletes, and bodybuilders experience dramatic performance improvements by increasing testosterone levels. Tribulus provides a natural, safe and legal method to achieve this, with no side effects. Tribulus users report increases in strength and muscle mass, as well as enhanced vitality and higher energy levels.


FULL STRENGTH 6250mg 95% SAPONINS - not the weak 35% sold by many.


Boosts Natural Testosterone Production

Gain Lean Muscle whilst Reducing Body Fat

Pro-Anabolic formula for Increased Athletic Power

Enhance Vitality, Sexual Libido and feelings of youthfulness


Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows in certain areas of the world. Often described as the "secret" used by countless Olympic Bulgarian strength athletes, Tribulus use will increase muscle growth, as well as improve libido. It is effective for anyone seeking rapid gains in muscle size, strength and power. Athletes involved in strength and power-based sports, as well as bodybuilders and regular recreational gym users are likely to notice significant gains in both muscular size and performance.


Tribulus is a much researched supplement, which is a favourite of Bulgarian Strength Athletes and Natural Bodybuilders all over the world who take Tribulus for its testosterone boosting effects Tribulus Terrestris is a powerful, natural testosterone boosting formulation. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb that was first introduced to the world of athletic power and muscle development by eastern bloc power athletes, who dominate strength and power disciplines.


Tribulus Terrestris use has been shown to raise testosterone levels safely and naturally. Testosterone is a powerful muscle building hormone. Testosterone signals your muscle cells to absorb more protein, leading to more muscle size and strength. By raising testosterone levels safely and naturally, and then keeping them elevated for long periods, Tribulus Terrestris will increase lean muscle, strength and performance. Instead of being a testosterone precursor, Tribulus Terrestris leads to a rise in the production of luteinizing hormone. When luteinizing hormone levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone also increases. Luteinizing hormone also increases sex drive and libido, which is why it has been used to increase fertility and help with impotence.  

  • Rapid Muscle Development

  • Increased Athletic Strength and Power

  • Increased Natural Testosterone Production

  • Prevention of Muscle cramps and Strains

  • Faster Muscle Gains

  • Enhanced Sporting Performance

The results of reduced testosterone levels are, lack of performance, reduced recovery, cramps and tiredness. Tribulus can be used by all athletes wanting to gain lean muscle size and strength, including bodybuilders, rugby players, sprinters and other strength athletes. It is also used widely by endurance athletes, such as runners, cyclists and tri-athletes, as it helps to prevent the drop in testosterone levels linked with high volumes of training.


Tribulus has been shown to increase LH (luteinizing factor) production and boost testosterone levels. Tribulus exerts its testosterone-elevating effects by stimulating an increase in LH, which is responsible for "telling" your body to produce testosterone. Testosterone is a vital factor responsible for the development of secondary sexual traits, as well as increasing muscle size and strength.

As a result, Tribulus as also been shown to increase energy and stamina, and to speed muscle recovery after muscle fibers have been broken down as a result of exercise . When used in combination with an effective training program and a high protein diet, it's reasonable to expect to gain several pounds of muscle in the first 3-4 weeks of Tribulus use.




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